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Or our for just $25 a month we do it all for you and you will have a full install of WordPress

Plus a domain name and server set up and going in just a few days

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  • 10 hours of website development


    We will help you setup your website and take it to the next level. Helping you expand features or help you with site customization.

  • 5 Hours of support


    5 Hours of  help, development or consultation on building your website.

  • Get 1 hour of support


    If you need help or consultation on developing your website. Order a support session

For just $25 a month we do it all for you and you will have a full install of WordPress up and going in just a few days. We do this all for a low rate. You get a domain name, hosting and one hour of development or work on your site per month. The first part is getting everything online with a great introduction or landing page. This is all part of the first payment of just 25$. Then one hour of time per month to add a new page or maybe and other feature as you continue your website plan.

Domain Name (Free Domain name with managed hosting or use yours)
cPanel ( Empowers you to manage the web server )
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer – is a protocol for establishing secure links )
E-Mail ( Email accounts with your domain name)
Woo Ecommerce system ( Buying or Selling of goods and services)
WordPress Templates ( 100’s of free designs to set up your website)
Latest version of PHP (General-purpose scripting language )
Support to build your site ( One hour of support per month with managed hosting )

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