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Custom Development

Hosting As low as $3.99 a Month

We have a great plan to get your company or project on-line. For just $25 a month we do it all for you and you will have a full install of WordPress up and going in just a few days. We do this all for a low rate. You get a domain name, hosting and one hour of development or work on your site per month. The first part is getting everything online with a great introduction or landing page. This is all part of the first payment of just 25$. Then one hour of time per month to add a new page or maybe and other feature as you continue your website plan. You get all the tools you need to create beautiful websites. We can teach you how to add and maintain your site also. Giving you a place for any company or person that wants a great place to build a website. Over the years we have made and maintained many websites for companies and organizations. Now we have come up with a plan for people that want to learn and build websites for people, companies and organizations. We provide managed website hosting and the support and know how to build websites. Interact with customers and others. We have come up with a simple and fast way to get sites up and going. Plugins expand what your site can do. Each one is different and the best way we can explain it is that your website system is just a framework. The install of just WordPress is capable of building just a basic website. With plugins it take your site to the next level and really allows you to do business or interact with others. With your site we also install the best plugins that you will need to get your site going. We are located in Beaverton, Oregon and service companies,organizations and people anywhere – 503 212 4099 call or text

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Domain Names

Free Domain with our custom plan
Use your existing domain name
Free SSL – Secure Sockets Layer

Admin Area

E-Mail mail accounts for your domain name
100’s of Free WordPress Templates for your website set up

Collaborator Access

1000’s of Plugins to chose from. Like Woo Ecommerce system for buying or selling of goods and services

On-line support

We help people build a website the works for them. We can use Skype to give you support and guide you thru building or setting up plugins and other functions of your website. Our site set-up are made with business in mind. Using the best tools to make it happen. We get you started and you add to it with the exact details and information you need to run you business on-line. We have experience with a lot of different things to help your company chose what is best for you to use.

Our Happy Clients!

“They gave me the exact details and information i needed to run my business on-line.”​

Barry Smith

“The site is intuitive and easy to use, empowers you to manage a company with maximum efficiency.”​

Lindsey Gordon

“On-line support with Skype is great for me to learn with them all the things i need to know.”​

Peter Foster